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Culture and Museum Department

The Culture and Museum department is located at Bikenibeu, at a very well-known place called ‘Te Umanibong’. The term ‘umanibong’ is a Kiribati version of the word ‘Museum’. The department has its own website for promoting and preserving our traditional way of life. Please use the link below to visit the Culture and Museum Department website


  • Is responsible for preserve, protect and promote (PPP) of the Kiribati culture.

  • Responsible for empowering communities and individuals to maintain our unique cultural identity with pride in relation to the 1972 Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

  • safeguarding and enhancement of the I-Kiribati social and cultural values

  • To revive, our tangible and intangible heritages and historical heritages.

  • Collection of artifacts, tangible collections such as war, artistic, cultural and historical artifacts.