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The Local Government Division

The Local Government Division is one of the four divisions within the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  The Local Government Division has fundamental obligations in implementing the MIA’s strategic plan toward the achievement of KV 20 by providing technical and sustainable supports to the 23 councils through strengthening of council’s institutional capacity, introducing and exercising the principles of good governance and providing trainings to improve staff capacity building in order to execute their immense functions properly as stipulated under the Local Government Act 1984.

There are five units under the division and have significant roles and responsibilities in driving the Local Government Division toward its goals in strengthening and supporting the 3 urban councils and 20 island councils.

Auditing and Inspection Unit

Carrying out auditing and inspection works to the monthly account of the island councils and to ensure that all payments and receipts are consistent to the Local Government Financial Instructions (LGFI).  Compilation of their auditing report and submit to respective island councils for reconciliation purposes. Formulating of financial reports on schedules of receipts and payments, trial balances and final account.

Maintenance Unit

Provide sustainable support in maintaining outer island facilities built from local materials for tenants to live in a comfortable housing, patients to staying in good and well maintained wards.  To make sure that island councils have their maintenance plan incorporating maintenance works for each respective year and to ensure that payments are made to completed works related to the maintenance plan.  Reconciliation of acquittal reports once received from outer islands.

Motorcycle Unit

Provide good support in maintaining the transportation of JSS students to be in good conditions at all times. It also assist in providing spare parts for the sustainable functioning of those vehicles together with the Police motorcycle and the formulation of financial account and report.

Urban Management Office

This unit plays a vital responsibility in providing sustainable support to the three urban councils such as Betio Town Council, Teinainano Urban Council and Kiritimati Urban Council through the conduction of trainings and workshops to improve human resource capacity building so in return may improve their service deliveries in a more reliable and efficient manner to the public. Assist in addressing urban challenges and social issues on overpopulation and overcrowded areas.


The main responsibilities of this unit is to keep records of Councils information and data, council minutes and extracting pressing issues that requires urgent actions and assistance from the Ministry (MIA) and other related sectors and organizations.  Providing protocol services to VIP such as Mayors upon their arrival to Tarawa and departure to their respective islands.  Assist in keeping records of byelaws and standing orders including condition of services for island councils. Assist in purchasing orders from outer islands and also processing and doing follow ups for RBC request and other stationaries.